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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we have been searching the web for the best videos of the y.da we have got them for you "right this minute." a stunning twists a a firefighter tries to free a man his mangled uctr oh, no. >> now meet the hero son who couldn't believe it when he heard dad's voice. >> he said, i'm trapped, i can't get out. get the engine. get me out. >> who needs a tow truck when you can hitch to a trolley. >> kind of a good idea. >> why it was, until it wasn't. a group relocating some elephants finds out pachyderms aren't like a herd of dog. the story behind one ambitious mission of mercy. a new way to send sweet messages to your girlfriend. >> your number, looks like it is coming from you. >> how it is helping men behind the lady's back. >> this is evil. this is so evil.
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the rescue you're about to see in this video took one full hour, but i'm sure it felt like 200 hours. one guy in particular, i'll tell you why. what you're seeing here, a really smashed up truck belonging to captain roger steiner. this is about 5:00 in the morning. morgan county, west virginia. he wrecked his truck. you can see the truck smashed up, stuck up against the tree. and captain roger steiner of the great cap on volunteer fire department was the driver. he was severely trapped inside. his own unit, they're the guys responding to the scene to cut him out. they had to take off the passenger door. they had to take off the roof. they had to take out the dash. this is a helmet camera. i want you to look at this part of the video here. listen to the guy with the helmet camera, what he says.
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>> working on you, dado. >> this is his father. >> oh, no. >> the captain of the department's dad. this is jason steiner, the son of captain roger steiner. >> how are you doing, dad? i'm right here, okay? >> jason steiner, who is wearing the camera, is joining us right this minute from west virginia. how is your dad doing and what was it like to get that call? >> it is a difficult situation. every responder responds to different scenes, different scenarios. it is a difficult task every day, doesn't matter if it is family or not. when it is family, it is little bit more stressful and you think a little bit more about it. you've got one broken rib, a lot of bruising, a lot of swelling. >> jason, tell me about the moment you realized it was your dad. >> we got called for an auto accident with entrapment. i called my father regularly. i called him to see where he was. he answered and he does not remember this, i said
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are you going to the call? he said, it is me, i'm down over the hill. i said, what? he said i'm involved in the accident, i'm trapped. i can't get out. get the engine, get me out. that stuck in my head when he said that. >> talk to us about how you were able to sort of remain so calm. >> just my training. in my mind i was just doing my job. i was thinking of the things i needed to do. it is kind of remarkable. he trained me as a firefighter. he trained me to save his life one day. it is kind of ironic. aid anything since he was taken to the hospital? >> he hasn't really said a whole lot about it. he did say for me to clean his truck for him. but i don't think we're -- we have to worry about that. >> got a couple of videos for you guys. first, a lesson in what not to do if you're snowmobiling. this is in yellow stone national park in montana. we have two perspectives of the
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snowmobiling exertion in this first moment. you see a helmet cam from the snowmobiler, he's headed up a steep hill, the snow looked quite white, i have to say. >> beautiful day. >> something is about to go horribly wrong. just as this rider gets close to this group of trees -- >> whoa! >> he's in an avalanche. the snow gave way and started carrying this guy down the side of the hill. you can see his camera gets buried. he gets tossed and turned and carried for quite some time. once this avalanche finally stops, we see this rider. he takes off his helmet, has the camera on it. we see his head is above the snow, but he is buried from the shoulders. >> almost looks like he carved out the area of snow to go down the hill. >> that's quite perceptive of you. i show you the second perspective, you'll see exactly why what he did was so dangerous. not just for himself, but for other snowmobilers. look at the top of your screen,
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you see this avalanche start to happen. this rider and his buddies, they trgety to out of the way. you notice there were other riders at the bottom of the hill. that's a big no-no when it comes to snowmobiling. one of the things you should avoid is cutting across when there are other snowmobilers down below you. and in fact, his behavior ended up putting buddies at risk. you'll see another snowmobilers buried in the snow. this guy had a backpack on that kept him safely above the snow. but listen to him. this is a very dangerous situation. this year someone was killed snowmobiling in this area of yellow stone. now, another video, this one showcasing what not to go close to. this is a family. watch what they see off in the andistce. >> oh, power line, isn't it? >> that's exactly what that is. that is a power line that caught a tree on fire. and this is only about 160 feet from where this family was
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skiing. this was in norway where they were having heavy, heavy snow and ice conditions. the heavy snow and ice weighed down the tower lines that then brushed the tree, causing the fire, because it was so much moisture in the air. the moisture conducts the electricity. don't want to go near that. >> that's fascinating to see that. cool looking. dangerous but cool. >> this is kind of a good idea that goes really bad. maybe wasn't a good idea. the guys right here in this black car, there is a problem with the car. they're trying to start it. so what they decide to do in order to jump start it, instead of pushing the car, they quickly tie a rope to the front of the car and then tie the car to this trolley. >> kind of a good idea, right? >> instead of push starting your car, you use the trolley to pull you along and start your car. >> what happens when you start it and you're still tied to the trolley? >> that's a bad idea. and the people behind the camera
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capturing all of this think it is all hilarious too. >> of course. >> the trolley takes off, faster than they can get back into the car. you can see, oh, no. >> they have wrecked another caotr, n to mention their own car. >> the police showed up. he wrecked two other cars. their cars smashed into that taxicab, which then hit the car in front of it. right at the moment a police officer drives by. if they would have waited, another 30 seconds, the officer might have been able to help them start the car. instead, just turns into a big -- >> yeah. >> the international fund for animal welfare embarked on a mission impossible to the ivory coast. they rescued herded, darted, captured and trucked wild elephants 300 miles to save
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their lives. because of deforestation, there was bad blood. the villagers didn't want them killed and they figured let's just move them. this guy is going into the helicopter because they tracked two elephants. they have got one that is 14 years old and then found a bull with it. so they got two in one here. >> it is great because the second one is rundown. for couple of days.uld be >> that is incredible. >> mind boggling to watch that large elephant be lifted with its trunk just dangle and hanging there thinking they're doing this for the elephant's own good. >> how many are they trying to do this with? >> they found six of them. they were fortunately able to get four of them rescued. the villagers, even though they had conflict with the elephants because of deforestation. they still wanted them to have a happy life because the elephant is the national symbol of the ivory coast. but watch when they put it in the crate. it is unbelievable, this one is just waking up.
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they say, once elephants wake up, they naturally walk backwards. so once the elephant wakes up, the doors open, the elephant starts walking backwards and it goes into this container where they need to take it. it was a 300 mile trek. took them 10 to 13 hours because they said sometimes they spent hours stuck in the mud. they said the elephants, only took them five minutes to get out of the truck because they were ready to get out. took them about ten days to conduct this whole thing and to rescue these elephants and cart them 300 miles to the national park where it will be a better place for them. a car dragging a bike had police in hot pursuit. and -- >> theres a crazy video. >> why this is not what it looks like. and a lady boards a subway with an odd accessory. >> people sort of start glancing at her, wondering what the heck
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is she doing on the subway? really? >> anybody want cake? >> how slicing it up is spreading the love. h,z/
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want to remind you that looks can be deceiving. this is a video shot in new port beach, california. watch what you're about to catch. this is a high speed police chase. the buffer is gone. there is a bike hanging off the
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side of the car. there was a front tire on the bike, but it was dragging along the pavement. calls started to come into the new port beach police saying we believe we are seeing a hit and run. we believe someone hit a cyclist and then fled from the scene. police immediately arrived and started looki for this car. once they found the car, turned on their sirens, the car didn't pull over. so a chase ensued. for nearly 35 minutes, speeds up to 75 miles per hour. turns out this was not a hit and run at all. this was arack. these people had created in order to transport their bike. there was a mail driver, female passenger, the female passenger was arrested and taken into custody for public intoxication. according to police, the driver of the car refused to cooperate. they say he was tased and taken to the hospital. they also say he was later arrested. >> so this guy did nothing wrong, except mount a bike dumb,
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dumbly, except mount the bike in a weird way and why not stop? why not pull over then? >> he was driving erratically and police do suspect that the driver was also under the influence of alcohol. look how many police are after this car. look how many officers had to be called in to try to get this driver under control. >> this is undoubtedly the sweetest thing that happened to new yorkers on the subwayment. this girl is sitting in her seat. she's putting on gloves and then it looks like she, on her lap, has a cake container. she opens it up and, yeah, inside is, in fact, cake. she takes her spatula and starts frosting the cake. people sort of start glancing at her wonder what the heck is she doing on the subway, really? >> just slightly feel off because the subway not the cleanest place. >> just looks like she was didn't have time to ice the cake, so she does it on her way.
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>> once she's done -- >> does anybody want cake? >> she's starts offering it to the riders of the subway. >> can i have a slice, please? >> of course. >> thank you so much. >> that is really generous and sweet of her. she didn't just frost it. she put a decoration on it. >> fancy border. >> do you work at -- >> no. not yet. maybe one day. i'm in culinary school. >> this is a great way to get your skills recognized. people will crave your cakes. that's the lady with the cakes in the subway. >> if you can ice a cake on the subway, you can surly ice your cake in your kitchen at your bakery. it is not moving back and forth. >> this is why she's doing this. >> constantly in people's privacy, especially on the subway. think it is important to have some kind of -- yeah. >> she wants to interact with people. she's using her cake to do it. >> sharing with people.
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dude has a pizza to deliver. >> but guess what, the pizza receiver is up here on the third floor, it looks like. pizza guy said i ain't got time for stairs. >> see how positivie i tossing the job done. and the knocked up prank that went viral. >> she's what? >> and one guy tries to pull it on his own dad. but there is one massive twist here. >> the joke that goes ibterrly wrong. this is kevin. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch mynee started to huragn. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪ yup. another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. ♪ [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap.
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you're history.cscalalp, memeet selsun science. seselslsunun e ititchchy y dry. gegetsts t to o ththe e rorootod hydrates the s.calp seselslsunun e ititchchy y dry.
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you're about to witness a game changer. pizza delivery, watch this guy. he's got a pizza to deliver. but guess what, the pizza receiver is up here on the third floor it looks like. pizza guy says i ain't got time for stairs, my friend. i'm just going to swing that pizza up to you, the customer has not paid yet. could have just locked the window and said thank you for the pizza, idiot. the guy is like, cool, you got the pizza, waiting for the money. looks like the guy has a 20 or something. i'll crinkle that up and drops it. dude catches it, peace out, keep the change. that is the brightest display of laziness i've ever seen. >> i feel like if you've got your piezza this way, all the cheese would be stuck to the top of the box. >> laziness on behalf of the pizza guy.
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laziness on behalf of the customer. nobody wants to go down or come up. the pizza got where it needed to go. >> they know each other. this is just what they do. >> yeah, called his neighbor across the street saying i'm getting a pizza, get your camera ready. i feel like this isn't thest fir time they did it. >> like weekly. >> yeah. >> it is your boy macateo. >> the video may look similar, it was inspired by imam kell 's video i showed you last week. >> it is imam kellam. >> the guy pranking his dad, saying he got a girl pregnant. this guy thought that pregnant was so funny, he decided to do the very same thing. to his own nigerian father. >> they're going to all -- they're all pranks. >> he's nervous. he works through the story. i had this girl own, one thing
2:58 am
led to another. >> she's pregnant, dad. >> of course, dad flips out. >> when? where? >> why are you laughing? >> the exact same reaction. >> you are getting on first class tomorrow. >> there is one massive twist here. >> don't tell me calm down. because someone -- >> that's dad around the room, inconsiderably stressed. he starts to breathe heavy. >> dad. >> he's getting chest pains. >> dad. >> he collapses to his knees. >> dad. >> oh. >> what? >> dad? >> i'm so sorry, dad.
2:59 am
>> do not try to prank me. >> how did he know? that's one smart dad. >> that's funny. smacked him right across the face. don't ever prank me again. >> i love the fake laugh they both get out of that. real cute father/son moment. >> come here. >> perfect. >> it is a new tool called bro app. >> your clever relationship's wing man. >> automatically sent your girlfriend personalized messages so you can spend more time with the bros. >> the sneaky app to have a bro's back. >> this is evil.
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mymy s sininususeses a arerp anand d i'i'veve g gotot t th. i i bebetttterer tatakeke s somometethi. truth is, sudafed pe p prerese and pain wowon'n't t trtreaeat tl ofof y youour r symptom. rerealallyly?? alkaka s seleltztzerer p plulus fights your totougugh h sisinuns plus your runny nose. ohoh w whahat t a a rerelis
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a pretty amazing rescue by the humane society in new england. that is the stunning snowy owl found by animal control on a .oad they believe it probably was hit by a car. they brought it in to the humane society, where they discovered that it was doing okay with the exception of a fractured but not broken wing. which means it needs to heal. they're feeding him with chopsticks. a little sushi meal. >> that is awesome. >> they supervised it, make sure nothing else happened. but they just needed to give it some time to heal and in this video we also see the moments
3:03 am
where this owl is finally healed. could get out to a gorgeous beach where they're going to finally release it. you see this worker here grab the owl, they lifted its wings. we have a beautiful shot of it. and here it goes. >> this is great, beautiful. but they should have played r. kelly's i believe i can fly at this moment because how much better would that have been? when i first saw this, i wanted to believe it was just some elaborate prank. this is a real app. what i'm about to show you, it is called bro app. their catch phrase, your clever relationship wingman. here's what it does. >> bro app automatically sends your girlfriend personalized messages so you can spend more time with the bros. set the time of day you want your messages sent and bro app takes care of the rest. >> it is an app. you give the app your girlfriend's number. it has the predetermined texts. >> morning, sweet pea. i hope you have a great day.
3:04 am
>> and then you can have it sent to your girlfriend from your number to it looks like it is coming from you. and in the only that -- >> it will only message your girlfriend if it is safe to do so. perhaps your girlfriend's house is a no bro zone. >> this is evil. this is so evil. >> a lot of times you're thinking your boyfriend is thinking of you. how sweet, he's checking on my day. meanwhile, he's having a beer, probably forgotten all about you. >> i wanted to see if it was a real thing. i used our camera guy, joey, android app, and i put in the app right here where it asks, bro, who's your girlfriend? i put myself and picked every single option and sure enough, i did get a text from joey's phone that says, can't wait to see you tonight with a smiley face mouth thing which means i'm being naughty. does in fact -- it is a working app. >> whether you're lifting, gaming or just hanging with the
3:05 am
bros, bro app maximizing your relationship. >> let's get real. if you're using this as an actual tool and in your relationship, you probably shouldn't be -- >> you are a tool. >> that'ts i for us here at "right this minute." we'll see you next time. ♪you fill up my senses ♪like a night in a forest ♪like the mountains in springtime♪ ♪like a walk in the rain ♪like a storm in the desert ♪like a sleepy blue ocean ♪you fill up my senses ♪come fill me again
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♪come let me love you ♪let me give my life to you ♪let me drown in your laughter ♪let me die in your arms ♪let me lay down beside you ♪let me always be with you ♪come let me love you ♪come love me again
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